Our Mission and Vision

From someone who studied Cyber Security and Big Data from an Institute with the motto, "Mens et Manus"

The whole world is active with new ideas about IoT, cyber security and Artificial Intelligence. We aim to synthesize Big Data, IoT with very original ideas coming from a city in Japan called Hiratsuka, south of Tokyo. Singularity is coming, and may indeed be here at this very moment. What should we do to prepare for it? Should we have another Ruddite movement and destroy all intelligent machines? That is impossible. We must learn to embrace technology and use it with leverage and insight.
Japan has a lot of interesting robots, and I personally invest in CYBERDYNE, which is related with PEZY Computing. We hope to expand the business of SuperAI.onllne into this field in the near future. We aim to gather intelligence and vision from the real world using camera, optics, and sensors.

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Technologies and Companies under our radar:

Recorded Future
and more...

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World is changing more rapidly than Before.

It's changing literally exponentially.

Are you ready to face the new change that is in the world you live in?

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